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Jan and Darrell help rental property owners around Atlanta keep their valuable real estate investments in good shape.

Whether it’s rehabs, repairs, maintenance, or general property management, we like to say,

“With our experience and expertise we help fill the GAPS and protect your real estate investment.”

Jan McGill

Jan was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee to two people who got a really good deal on their first home; it had been condemned. But they saw an opportunity to divide the house into three units, living upstairs, and renting the two downstairs units. Of course there was a lot of renovation to do, but that was only the start of a lifetime of owning real estate.

Growing up, there was almost always a project going on and Jan learned to love building, renovating, and remodeling. She also had opportunities to observe negotiations as her parents interviewed new prospects for their growing rental properties. And became aware of the responsibilities due to and from tenants.

As an adult, Jan moved to Atlanta Georgia, and has lived in many parts of the city at some time or another. Since 1994, she has come back to the real estate industry in various forms. Jan has been a real estate appraiser, an office manager and bookkeeper for residential and commercial construction companies, a rental property manager, and is now a Realtor® and Associate Broker.

Darrell Adkins

Darrell has been building, repairing, and flipping real estate investments since 1995.  At the young age of 13, he helped his father build their house.  He and his father still have a great relationship and family bond through sharing and learning.  Later on in life, to help pay for his engineering degree, he bought and rented out a duplex.  Darrell has experience in manufacturing and engineering and was a Manufacturing Engineer VP.

He now passes on his same knowledge and experience onto his children; how to build things, learn new skills, and to be independent.  He loves working with his kids.  He coaches their baseball, soccer, and football teams and never misses an event.

Cerina Taylor

Cerina was born and raised in Pensacola, FL. Cerina started her background in housing at Area Housing Commission located in Pensacola, as a Human Services Specialist. There she assisted with interviews for potential public housing tenants, conducted screenings, as well as background checks, in the admissions department.

Cerina lived most of her adult life in the state of Maryland where she moved on to property management at a Senior and Disabled based project apartment complex in historic Hyattsville. She started as an assistant property manager conducting annual re-certifications and inspections. She moved on to a property manager position managing a team of four and overseeing the daily ins and out of the property, staff, and tenants.

Cerina recently relocated to Georgia, where she has joined the GAPS Georgia team as office support. Cerina loves horror movies, scented candles, and anything the color green.

Glen Clamser
Glen is a native of Georgia. Growing up, he loved getting his hands dirty in mechanical work. Now, he uses those hands to restore residential houses. In his free time, Glen enjoys off-roading and camping.